Our First Blog Post!

It’s great when a friend can help you out! We’re pleased to announce that we had our first test shoot in the new facilities. Our good friend and Bikini superstar Emy was in town to add another first place trophy to her collection, and she swung by and spent a couple hours in a test shoot in Studio 1. We had a great time and I got some great feedback and took a lot of notes on how we can quickly tune up Studio 1. Emy was super patient and really helpful with her feedback for that first shoot. We captured about a page of improvements that we are diving into to bring that room fully on line. It is going to be sweet!

Speaking of friends, I want to give kudos right from the start to Webmistress April and InWithDesign. After the old site was nuked from orbit by a poorly planned Wordpress update, I needed a whole new approach to how this site was going to be coded and maintained. Webmistress April stepped right in and whipped up the site you are looking at, quickly and efficiently. I’m so lucky to have found her, her 1337 $k!77$ keep me from having to look at code, freeing me to look at and edit images, which is a helluva lot more fun.

Other than the one test shoot, most of the activity in the studio is construction, repair and remodeling of the new building right now. We are hoping to have Studio 1 and the dressing/wardrobe area on line within the next 30 days, and the upstairs rooms (at least the Red Kitchen and the Pink Bath) right around the same time.

“I think that emotional content is an image’s
most important element, regardless of the photographic technique.
Much of the work I see these days lacks the emotional impact to
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